Amazing Year Educating School Students about Stroke

This year, with Greater Cincinnati Stroke Consortium and One Stroke Forward, we visited 5th to Freshman classes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, to teach students about the causes and signs of strokes and what to do if they suspect someone is having a stroke. Kelly Marsh, a local stroke survivor who advocates for stroke education and prevention, shared her inspirational story and her journey of rehabilitation. Nordman, a registered nurse, taught students about the pathology of strokes, types of strokes, rehabilitation and prevention techniques.

Using hands-on activities in the classroom, these two experts helped students better understand the daily life of a stroke victim. They shared that every year, 800,000 people have a stroke in the United States and that the FAST acronym can help students detect signs of a stroke in their own loved ones.

What’s the FAST acronym?




Is one side drooping?




 Is the arm numb?




Are your words slurred or is it hard to speak?


Time to Call 911

Time to Call

Time to call 911

If you are interested in participating as a stroke survivor, volunteer or if you know of a school that would be interested, please email or

Outside of teaching area students, Marsh and Nordeman also share their knowledge in the Cincinnati area and beyond. Marsh is the co-founder of One Stroke Forward Foundation, which benefits young stroke survivors, and the co-author of Love Stroke, a book that chronicles her journey of recovery. Nordeman is secretary of the Greater Cincinnati Stroke Consortium (GCSC), a nonprofit organization of healthcare workers from the Cincinnati area dedicated to educating the general public and grade school children about stroke education and prevention.

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