Meet Scot

Dear Kelly Marsh and One Stroke Forward, Inc. Board:

Thank you for your recent purchase of the Bioness H200 which uses functional electrical stimulation to activate my nerves and aid in reeducating my muscles on how to use my left hand like pre-stroke. I am six months into my recovery and am still fighting strong to gain the full use of my left hand and arm to gain my independence. I was overwhelmed by your foundation’s donators generosity. The joy it brings me every time I use it with a heart full of thankfulness, I believe helps me recover even faster than if I
had been able to afford the purchase on my own. Since the donation was requested, I have made progress in my rehab and have regained movement in my left shoulder, elbow and slightly in my fingers. The elasticity in the pectoral, arm, wrist and hand I suffer is still present but not as severe. Although I have a way to go, I am confident that my hard work and determination will continue to pay off and I can not thank you and your foundation enough in the aid of my recovery and improvement over time.

If there is ever anything, I may do for your foundation to reach its goals or volunteer my time please do not hesitate to reach out.
Again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart,

Scot Smith

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