Season’s Greetings
friends of
One Stroke Forward

In a challenging year that has been 2020, One Stroke Forward is more grateful than ever for your support. This note is to provide a 2020 update ahead of the holidays on how your contributions are Taking Recovery Further for Stroke survivors and their families. As we finish out our 3rd year as a foundation, your support has already impacted the lives of over 30 survivors in the past 3 years. Below are just a few of the recovery stories you made possible in 2020:

ravis Coffey
40s, Lafayette, IN

Travis was a recent Ironman participant and active triathlete when he suffered a severe stroke in 2019. While Travis has worked hard to recover and get back to his normal family and training activities, he has significant drop foot from his stroke. OSF was able to provide Travis with access to the Bioness LG GO walking device so Travis could continue to rebuild his strength and work towards a return to independent walking and eventually competition.

cot Smith
30, Ashville, OH

Scot suffered his stroke in early 2019 which impacted his ability to use his left arm and hand for normal daily activities.We will let his words tell the story of how much your generosity helped him. Thank you for your recent purchase of the Bioness H200 which uses functional electrical stimulation to activate my nerves and aid in reeducating my muscles on how to use my left hand like pre-stroke. I am six months into my recovery and am still fighting strong to gain the full use of my left hand and arm to gain my independence. I was overwhelmed by your foundation’s donators generosity. I have made progress in my rehab and have regained movement in my left shoulder, elbow and slightly in my fingers and can thank OSF for helping make it possible.

eather Henderson
30, Morgantown, WV

Heather’s stroke happened back in 2018 and as a data processing professional in the medical industry, her job relies on her ability to work on a computer and look at data. Heather has long-term visual limitations and pain from her multiple strokes and insurance does not cover the special glasses and vision therapy classes that help her be functional in her job and during daily household activities. OSF was able to provide her with cutting edge prescriptive glasses and vison therapy treatments so she could keep her job and minimize the pain she gets form long periods fighting against her visual deficits.

elicia Dalton
40, Columbus, OH

Unfortunately, as often happens, the ramifications and stress after a stroke can take a toll on a family. Felicia was left her on her own to navigate recovery and try to regain her independence after a severe ischemic stroke a few years ago. She has struggled to do daily activities on her own, but OSF was able to provide a Bioness device which allows her to use her left hand and fingers. The Bioness device immediately allowed her to do many things for the first time in years to care for herself and have a more normal life.

agmar Evans
50, Xenia, OH

After 48 years of living an active and healthy life, Dagmar had a catastrophic ischemic stroke. Again, his words say it all. I have worked hard to regain my overall strength and use of the left side of my body. I recently was thrilled to be able to be granted the Bioness device on my afflicted left leg. While using the device and my left leg foot drop was vastly improved. My family, the Bioness therapist, and I were all astounded at the improvement in my gait and walking speed while wearing the device. Thank you OSF.

uadena Johnson
50, Cleveland, OH

Juadena lost the use of her right side as a result of her acute stroke. She and her therapist requested a Bioness device to allow her to use her right arm and hand on her own. We are happy to report that for the first time since her stroke she could voluntary straighten her right arm & fingers and open her palm. She can now pick things up and do household chores before not possible.
We hope this type of update is a small way that OSF can share the impact you are making in ways other foundations cannot. Of all the options you have to give, ours allows you to see tangible results with individuals as they courageously strive to find their new normal. Since many of the survivor needs are technology-based, our grants average $3,500-$5,000 per grant, so we are very careful to award only those survivors that demonstrate the commitment and aspiration to maximize recovery. We thank you all again for all of your support and hope you keep us in mind through the end of the year so we can continue to make a positive impact in 2021. Our goal is to double the number of survivors we help every year.