Brad and Kelly Marsh

Kelly, along with her husband and caregiver, Brad Marsh, founded One Stroke Forward to support young stroke survivors.


One Stroke Forward is the first foundation focused on helping younger stroke survivors reach their full potential in recovery. Insurance and personal resources often limit a survivor’s ability to do everything possible to get better, and that’s when One Stroke Forward steps in to help.

Every survivor’s needs and limitations are different, but financial challenges should not stand in the way of maximizing recovery or regaining independence.

We were very fortunate to have a support network and resources to allow Kelly to pursue all means possible to get better. We now plan to help those with the same drive as Kelly to achieve their goals.


Our mission is to provide supplemental resources
to younger stroke survivors and their families to help them maximize their recovery.


One Stroke Forward awards grants to younger stroke survivors and their families to help them maximize their rehabilitation and to assist with the costs and expenses associated with recovery.


We promote and create awareness regarding strokes, particularly among younger groups of the population. By hosting public events and informational sessions, we will provide knowledge and resources to younger stroke survivors and their caregivers.


We support other community groups and nonprofits in their efforts to help stroke survivors make the most of life.

Need a helping hand

If you or a loved one need help to reach your full potential in recovery, share your request with the One Stroke Forward team.